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When you become separated from the other parent of your child, your first priority should be your children's wellbeing. You'll likely need to figure out child support and visitation arrangements. The Law Office of Donna K. Leonard will guide you through the process in Corpus Christi, TX.

Attorney Leonard has been practicing custody law since 1995. She knows how to represent you and your needs. As a former counselor, she knows how emotional family law cases can be. She'll work hard to ensure that your family gets the support it needs. Schedule a free child support law consultation with attorney Leonard at her Corpus Christi, TX office today.

When are you entitled to child support?

When are you entitled to child support?

When it comes to custody law in Texas, there are specific instances where one parent is entitled to child support to provide for the child's needs These situations include:

  • When one parent or guardian will have primary physical custody.
  • When one parent or guardian has a significantly higher income than the otherWhen the parties have roughly equal time with the child but one parent earns more than the other. In this situation, the court has a formula to assist the lesser earning parent while giving credit to the higher earning parent for that parent's additional time with the child. Attorney Leonard's extensive experience with child support issues can guide you.
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