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If the father of your child is in question, it can be difficult to obtain child support. Paternity testing can help you get the support your child needs.Additionally, an alleged father may be financially responsible for 18 years of a child's life. It is crucial to know with certainty that the alleged father is, in fact, the biological father of the child. The Law Office of Donna K. Leonard in Corpus Christi, TX can assist you in navigating this difficult issue.

An at-home test is not permissible in court. The law requires lab-based DNA testing in order to prove paternity. Our law firm will help you request a legally admissible paternity test from your partner, putting you one step closer to the legal results you need.

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What does a positive paternity test means for your family?

What does a positive paternity test means for your family?

In terms of custody law, a positive paternity test means legal fatherhood. This means that the father has all the legal rights and responsibilities of a father. This could include the right to visitation as well as the responsibility of child support and medical support.

Whatever your situation may be, paternity testing is important. Speak with us today to plan your next steps. You'll get a free initial consultation.