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Sometimes divorces or separations are caused by domestic violence. In these situations, protective orders may be a good idea. The Law Office of Donna K. Leonard will do everything possible to help you stay safe.

Attorney Leonard practices all forms of family law in Corpus Christi, TX. Due to her background in counseling, she is especially compassionate and has experience with emotional situations. She can help you obtain protective orders if you believe your safety or the safety of your loved ones is in danger.

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What is a protective order?

What is a protective order?

A protective order limits the freedom of a person who has been accused of committing violence, sexual abuse or stalking. These orders are put in place to help prevent further attacks. In order to obtain these orders, evidence of wrongdoing must be presented, such as documents, photos or objects that prove a danger.

A family law attorney can help you keep your family safe. Speak with attorney Leonard today to file a protective order in Corpus Christi, TX.