Donna has been helping me with my court card for years now and she always comes thru for me. We have been to court and mediation and back again and she always helps me get thru it with minimal suffering. She dependable and fights hard for my interests. I'm so happy that I found her back in 2010. If you have some court issues I'd highly recommend hiring Donna as she is reasonably priced and also fights like a beast for my interests. She has been truly amazing. Thanks for all Donna and do yourself a favor and use her services.


Donna has been my lawyer throughout my divorce and custody issues. She is always available to answer questions and give advice, even when it's advice I don't want to hear. She is honest and caring, and we feel like she genuinely cares about us. Child custody is a painful and difficult issue to have to deal with. We are blessed to have a lawyer who is both knowledgeable, dependable, and caring on our side.


She was highly instrumental in my divorce. She made sure I got my children and got to keep my house. She keeps things simple and understandable. She took the time to answer all my questions and did not run up a huge bill. I would recommend her to anyone as a finicky lawyer.


Donna Leonard far exceeded my expectations. She is professional and at the same time compassionate and understands the situation which needs to be handled carefully and critically. The prime definition of family lawyer because she is family.


Upon hiring Ms. Leonard for two sensitive family law cases, I found her to be extremely professional and an excellent attorney. She is one who not only stands by her client, but extends her heartfelt compassion as well and did not treat me like another $ sign as some attorneys tend to do. Her knowledge of family law is solid and I can personally attest to her integrity as an attorney. After going to her home office and hearing how she had to move her law practice to her home to care for her husband who was dying from cancer some years back, you can truly feel the compassion she has to care for clients who are down trodden. She kept her practice at her home for convenience after her husband passed as she is a cancer survivor herself. I was truly amazed by her story and found going to her home quite comforting as opposed to going to a pretentious law office. She won my cases for me and put a stop to the harassment I was under which spared me tremendous stress as I was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. To this day, she remains not only as my attorney, but as my friend. She truly is a Champion for those in need with a warm heart of gold and I was truly blessed to have her as my attorney.


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